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Blank Slate!

I feel somewhat naked today because there is nothing on my nails. Fridays are typically our day off together, but because the boyfriend is working today, I find myself with an extra free day and I’m not sure what to do with it,or my nails. I typically take off what I’m wearing before bed and paint a strengthening base coat to set overnight and then decide to my manicure in the morning based on what I’m wearing or doing (but never matchy-matchy!). However, today I find myself with the freedom of having lots to do but little motivation to do any of it. As weird as I feel having plain nails, I really am kind of reveling in a day alone, which reminds me of the fun part of being a single girl in my own apartment with no-one to answer to but my dog. Maybe I will re-organize my closet, clean out my shoes, paint multiple manicures just because I can, or maybe I will just lay in bed, catch up on reality tv, cuddle with the dogs, and do nothing- which is pretty much what I’ve done today.  

Despite all my idealistic talk about enjoying the day alone, and doing nothing…I find myself using the bf’s pillow and looking at the clock, wondering when he is going to get home…and picking out what polish to use for the first manicure of today. Funny how quickly we develop habits without even realizing it. 


Part Of My Collection

You know your boyfriend is serious about you moving in when he installs a custom nail polish rack for you in his bathroom…just one of the many adjustments he has made as we merge our lives together. I’ve started this blog because I want to learn WordPress and I love nail polish, and my boyfriend, but he is sick of hearing about nail polish..so welcome!  I’m new to blog writing but have been a long time reader of multiple blogs so this is a personal experiment…