Monthly Archives: November 2012

My Top Five

I’m on vacation with the boyfriend and some friends this weekend and we had to pack in a hurry forcing me to quickly choose just a few colors… fortunately I have my pre-established top five and just grabbed them… not including Seche Base and Seche Vite, these are the top five I would choose if stuck on a desert island:

Spoiled! “Shrimp On The Barbie

Make Up Your Face “Chaotic”
OPI “Spark de Triomphe”
Sinful Colors “Bali Mist”
Confetti “Bayou Blue”

It’s so interesting what you can learn about yourself by looking at a list of nail polish…. Clearly I love glitter and budget friendly polishes.

What are your favorites?

PS Sorry for brevity, I’m trying out the WordPress app for the first time!