Forget broken nails…

Thanks to a nasty fall while weightlifting at his work gym yesterday, my boyfriend messed up his back big time and has some herniated disks…and can’t go to the bathroom or do much of anything on his own for a few days.  Given this amazing guy took great care of me after I got in a horrible car accident in March, I’m totally willing and happy to help him… including dragging him kicking and screaming (well, more like flinching and screaming) to the orthopedic surgeon’s office this morning. However, not going to lie, I’m a little nervous about having to help him go to the bathroom… showering, fine, cleaning, cooking laundry…well honestly I do most of those things anyway.  But helping a grown man take care of business…well, I guess I knew moving in together would result in a bit less mystery in a relationship…just not that much!

On the upside, on the way to the doctor today, he complimented my manicure (a white jelly sandwich with multi-colored glitter) and noted how all the drugs he was on made the holographic sheen of the pearl white color look even cooler.  It’s the little things, right?? 


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